Monday, November 8, 2010

Special one,a special gift from God

Haha... I mentioned in previous post that I will talk about this in next post. Ya. Special one. It was quite a period ago,something bad happened to me. What a disgrace. Anyway,I learnt from the mistakes,I learnt from this "tribulation". I guess God let this happened purposely. Anyway,thanks God that He loves me so much. He allowed it happened as to test and let me learn from it,He still keep on protect and love me though. Thank you,Father God. Of course,I did not lose but I gained,in experience,faith and also relationship with God. After quite a period after that matter,God blessed me with someone special. Hehe... Well,he is special as who he is. A person who is devoted to God,has dream and will plan for future,talented,caring,etc. Haha....Too many,have no idea to write out all. We have the same thing to aim in future. Well,I guess that is one of the points which we started together recently. Hehe... God blessed me with a new relationship too. Thank you,Father God. After this relationship started,of course,I did learn a lot too,for instance,love. We learn together,grow together. We do have faith in each other,and of course,we do love each other very much,as our love towards each other increase everyday. Hmm... Feels like this is a special relationship that I never had before.
Father God always surprise me.^^
Father God,thank you for the gifts that You gave. I pray that Father God,You will continue to protect and bless our relationship,and also lead us to the way that You want us to go together. Use us to glorify Your name as well. Thank you,Father God.
I hope that this will be my last relationship and hope that we can hold our hands together till the end of the day. Maybe it sounds like I'm daydreaming or too naive,but then,this is what I want,a pure and simple love and happiness from beloved one. Love you,always. ^_^♥♥♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Monday...

Monday always a long long long long day to go. It sounds like an endless day. Argh...
Today I don't know what happened to me. The thought of changing course keep on appears in my mind which makes me so want to change course NOW. Change course it's not easy too as you have to consider a lot,college,condition,tuition fees,for instance. Well,I'm still very confuse that should I change my course or continue to study it. I thought to change to psychology. Study person's behavior is one of the things I interested in. But then,how about my aim? I do have aims of course,which is to build a special building and house for special one. Hehe... We talk about that special one in another post. Back to topic. I more interested in study psychology compare to architecture. But then,what if i do not interested in psychology again after study it??? It sounds like 3 minutes for things that I do then. God,show me the way You want me to go. Or maybe I should decide it after I finished my foundation course. If I could not pass my foundation course and further degree,I will change immediately. If I passed,then bo ben lo. God,I uphold everything to You,please show me the way. Amen.