Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye bye 2010,Hi hi 2011

Few hours ago just entered 2011. Yeah! Should be happy. Last night was the first time I celebrated New Year Eve in FCC. was a fruitful and meaningful night. We celebrated through prayer meeting. During the prayer meeting,when we prayed,a lot of things started to flashback in my mind again. Throughout the whole year,I really been through a lot of things that I never expected or things that i wished not happen. End up,it still. Some sort of misery coming back. Well,yes,most of the things I been through were quite sad,unfortunate and sad. I lost a lot of things...... But I admitted that 2010 was a fruitful and interesting year. Why? God entered my life and I felt His presence. Before I came here to study,I know a bit about God and my faith in God was not that strong. And also a lot of things that I couldn't overcome. After I came here,I started to go FCC. I learned a lot of things basically and I came to know God more. The faith kept growing. And a lot of things which i couldn't overcome,finally now I can overcome. Happy that I could see God really changing my life. I once lost,as mentioned,but I was found,and God restored me for the things I lost. God loves me so much. And I just want to give thanks. It is hard to describe in words. Thank you Father God for the wonderful 2010,thank you Father God that You let so many things happened in previous year so that I learn and grow from it,thank you Father God that take away and restore me for what I lost,thank you Father God that You blessed me and gave me a wonderful relationship,etc. So many things to give thanks. Father God,pray that may Your presence always be with me.
New year,new day,new life,new plan,new aim,new phone,new age,new...etc.
During prayer meeting,I had set a wishlist or aims for 2011. Hopefully I can make it.
1.I can make it and succeed in my study
2.Have a fruitful and happy relationship and continue to grow in it
3.I can plan and manage things well
4.Plan for future(relationship)
5.Serve God more(that's one of the way to give thanks to God)
6.Forgive those who I haven't forgive(hope this can overcome it as soon as possible)
Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy the new year and the new life. And also continue to glorify His name. =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Special one,a special gift from God

Haha... I mentioned in previous post that I will talk about this in next post. Ya. Special one. It was quite a period ago,something bad happened to me. What a disgrace. Anyway,I learnt from the mistakes,I learnt from this "tribulation". I guess God let this happened purposely. Anyway,thanks God that He loves me so much. He allowed it happened as to test and let me learn from it,He still keep on protect and love me though. Thank you,Father God. Of course,I did not lose but I gained,in experience,faith and also relationship with God. After quite a period after that matter,God blessed me with someone special. Hehe... Well,he is special as who he is. A person who is devoted to God,has dream and will plan for future,talented,caring,etc. Haha....Too many,have no idea to write out all. We have the same thing to aim in future. Well,I guess that is one of the points which we started together recently. Hehe... God blessed me with a new relationship too. Thank you,Father God. After this relationship started,of course,I did learn a lot too,for instance,love. We learn together,grow together. We do have faith in each other,and of course,we do love each other very much,as our love towards each other increase everyday. Hmm... Feels like this is a special relationship that I never had before.
Father God always surprise me.^^
Father God,thank you for the gifts that You gave. I pray that Father God,You will continue to protect and bless our relationship,and also lead us to the way that You want us to go together. Use us to glorify Your name as well. Thank you,Father God.
I hope that this will be my last relationship and hope that we can hold our hands together till the end of the day. Maybe it sounds like I'm daydreaming or too naive,but then,this is what I want,a pure and simple love and happiness from beloved one. Love you,always. ^_^♥♥♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Monday...

Monday always a long long long long day to go. It sounds like an endless day. Argh...
Today I don't know what happened to me. The thought of changing course keep on appears in my mind which makes me so want to change course NOW. Change course it's not easy too as you have to consider a lot,college,condition,tuition fees,for instance. Well,I'm still very confuse that should I change my course or continue to study it. I thought to change to psychology. Study person's behavior is one of the things I interested in. But then,how about my aim? I do have aims of course,which is to build a special building and house for special one. Hehe... We talk about that special one in another post. Back to topic. I more interested in study psychology compare to architecture. But then,what if i do not interested in psychology again after study it??? It sounds like 3 minutes for things that I do then. God,show me the way You want me to go. Or maybe I should decide it after I finished my foundation course. If I could not pass my foundation course and further degree,I will change immediately. If I passed,then bo ben lo. God,I uphold everything to You,please show me the way. Amen.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Father God sets me free when I am stress.

Just now,I was so stress. Why? When I draw,even traced it,I found out I can't even draw!I did pray to God before I start drawing. Then I start draw,but can't. I started to struggle and stress. I felt like wanna give up in studying this course. I so wanna quit. But I can't do so. Then I find my friend,somehow,it seems like nothing else could help me. I posted a post in my wall. And some of my friends started to comment on it. I find another friend of mine,then we started to our point of view. He then recommended me a friend which I just knew last Saturday. He did give me some advises. In the meanwhile when we did all these,I suddenly cried. I cried not because I'm stress,it is because I felt God is there with me all the time! It is hard to describe in words how are those feelings feel like. Those feelings are too strong which caused me started to cry. Father God,thank you. I must admit that Father God is always beside me and in my heart. My share group leader and other members in FCC ever said that must have faith in God,miracles will happen then. It is true. It is so true. Why I say so? Wherever I go,whatever I doing,God is here with me,24/7. He never leave me for even half of the second! He protects me every time,He blesses my everyday life,He let me learn and grow through all things that happened in my life no matter how bad it is. Father God so loves me. I'm so touch and can't stop crying,seriously. The feelings is so strong. Father God,thank you for Your grace and mercy. Thank you for everything that You granted me. Thank you everything that You gave me. Thank you so much.

PS: Friends of mine,if you always blaming this and that in your life,do you ever think of the reasons why things happen? Seek for God's help,rely Him more and more,and also have faith in Him. Read more bible too,so we know what God wants to tell us. How wonderful and beautiful He is.^^

Thank you,Father,the most wonderful God.^^

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


昨晚,跟你又说了那么一大堆的事,不晓得你是否有把它放在心里或仔细想想。当我问起你一些事,你却给我一些因为她而作为理由的时候,我承认,当时我很失落,很心酸。心酸的不是什么,而是你始终放不下。而且,突然见你问我,是否还在等着你,我答是。我在想,你为什么想知道,毕竟你是不会在乎,也不会感觉得到的,不是吗?你心中就只有她。感觉上现在好像放弃,因为开始觉得累......是因为失败导致我累,还是我坚持的信念不够?昨晚对你说要睡了,我却很冷淡地和你说声晚安。我不是想对你冷淡或什么,而是在告诉自己,这么做,我才能轻易放手。我很想放手,可我心还未死。这几个星期也许不该再烦你,这么一来,可能你会想得比较开吧。晚一些,我无意间发现,我很久没浏览前男友的fb profile。浏览后,我竟然哭了。为什么会这样...?我已没有再想他,没有再爱他,也已放为下了他。可是为什么会哭?是因为他在我心留下的伤疤吗?还是潜意识我根本还没彻底放下他?是为什么...?
今早起来,就如往常一样,忙准备上学。出门时,我竟然忘了拿钥匙出,结果反锁了房间,得叫房东来开门。赶时间的关系,被逼不把朋友叫醒开门出。Sorry,Penny,disturbed you sleep.在巴士上,我就想,今天我不会找你,所以我一定要做到。唯有对自己残酷一点,才能够放手。可是我心里真的在叫我放手吗?去到了学院,却没怎么上课,就如往常一样,上网。讲师来跟我们讨论了我们的assignment后,回到电脑前,奇怪,msn怎么亮了灯,该不会就真的是你吧??结果是真的。唉......失败了。不用紧,还有明天。再接再厉。我可以的。只要我要做的事,没人阻挡得了我。

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Monday, July 5, 2010

有好久没update我的blog了。也不能怪的,因为没什么好写。最近也发生好多事。就说其中一点,我又恋爱了。是很值得高兴,没错,我也很开心我爱他。可是短短几天,我却开始有压力了。有压力到任何事都做不了,甚至今天连上学都成问题。我发觉我对爱情好陌生,因为我已记不起该如何爱。于是今天在上完课后就立刻回家,然后跟她说我很想过去找他,我当时真的很需要。可没想到,他好像没把这当一回事,算了吧,我决定自己下金河。第一次自己下吉隆坡。搭电车时,我就一路想我的问题。到了金河广场,逛着,买着东西时也在想。想想想,我就决定回去找人辅导我,也决定主动一点,对他问我想问的,说我想说。回家途中,我才发现我今天用了好多好多钱。我又在想,我是不是压力大的时候会变成购物狂?算了,至少出来透透气,散散心,逛一逛,也好了一些。亲爱的,我有打电话给你,你没接,不晓得你是否在忙。我晚点再打。我真的很想你,也好像跟你说很多话。我其实还感觉到,你还想念她。不过不要紧,我会努力让你忘掉她。虽然短短几天,我已感觉到我爱得你很深。不管你发生什么事,我都想成为第一个与你一起分担的人。不管你有任何心事,我全都要听。因为我不想看你心事累累的样子。如果觉得那是会伤害我的话,我想说,我的心被铺了一道钢墙,所以大可放心。我不放心的就只有你。好想看你笑的样子。我仍然会等。等你完全康复的一天。Je t'aime,chéri.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Colourless Saturday

在教堂,就如往常一样,坐在那边发呆边等着开始。无意间看到“他”从里面出来。我突然有想闪躲的感觉。于是就找我朋友来当屏风,挡着我在后。service started,and also started preaching. the preaching really spoke out my heart......i cried when prayed,because i do really have a wound there.Oh Father,please......please heal me......
到吃饭那,身边坐着个帅哥,爽。^^叫spaghetti carbonara,WTF,就一碟面和ham,吃下去,感觉粉粉的,还是八块钱的东西。有没有搞错?算。还是回AC或taman megah。朋友交了啤酒,请我喝,我喝。就没喝啤酒了。再怎么说,啤酒味道还好过烧酒味道。但啤酒味道开始不能接受了,因为之前喝过一个蛮好喝的,Swing,43%,爽。算啦,喝。喝完了两杯半,看着“他”,顿时想着,我好想躲,好想当时看不到他,因为至少那样我不会再胡思乱想。Oh my goodness,what's wrong with me today...? I really can't think of any colours which can describe my mood,my thinking and everything.

Friday, June 4, 2010


回到家,因为怕不像我那宝贝仓鼠女儿再咬笼子的铁,所以把它抓出来放进仓鼠完的球里。带到房里,放在书桌某个很安稳的地方。球真的稳住了。当我在整理东西时,就听到一声东西掉到地上的声音。我的宝贝!!!!它在球里吓得僵住了。我怎样弄那球,它都一点反应也没。嘴巴微微开着,只见鼻子出了点血。我快吓慌了。我倒它出来在我手心上,它才慢慢地站起来。站起来时,站得不稳,慢慢走也走得很摇晃,然后又倒下。Snowball,sorry......是妈妈的错,没好好照顾好你。你不要有事,妈妈就只剩你在我身边了。不要丢下妈妈......你会没事的...... Oh my,Snowbal...... T_T

Monday, May 31, 2010


凌晨时分,当忙着赶assigment的时候,突然,one of my female buddy,找我。她问说:“我们是buddy吗?”这是当然的啦。她有问:“那如果buddy需要支持的话,你会支持吗?”就这句话,我一猜想到她想说什么了。所以我也照我的心去说:“depends.”结果正是如此,她直接进话题,就说需要我支持她的生意(amway传销)。糟糕。她就一直要我加入。可我对这些真的没兴趣呢,虽然是有钱赚。

Friday, April 9, 2010



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm In The Mood For Love

I'm in the mood for love simply because you're near me
Funny but when you're near me, I'm in the mood for love.
Heaven is in your eyes, bright as the stars we're under,
Oh, is it any wonder, I'm in the mood for love.
Why stop to think of whether this little dream might fade,
We´ve put our hearts together - now we are one, I'm not afraid.
If there's a cloud above, if it should rain, we'll let it.
But for tonight forget it, I'm in the mood for love.

这首歌曾被很多歌手翻唱过。而我最喜欢的版本是Rod Stewart的版本。我还记得当初我和他在一起时的那种感觉。真的就像在做梦的感觉。这首歌足于形容当下的甜蜜、开心、幸福。想回去,真觉得很幸福。很可惜这短暂的幸福来得实在太快,也走得太匆忙。我很希望你会幸福。我很想忘记你。可是好难。过不久我就会回去,我很希望这一切能重新开始。可是,在你我之间,已被你判下了死刑。希望你会听到这首送你的歌,想起过去一起的快乐,也会改变主义,回心转意。我虽说要忘了你,但其实我依然还在等待着你。

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


没那麼简单 就能找到 聊得来的伴
尤其是在 看过了那麼多的背叛
总是不安 只好强悍
没那麼简单 就能去爱 别的全不看
变得实际 也许好也许坏各一半
不爱孤单 一久也习惯
不用担心谁 也不用被谁管
别人说的话 随便听可可西 自己作决定
在周末晚上 关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发裡
相爱没有那麼容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静
幸福没有那麼容易 才会特别让人著迷
曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Love is such a wonderful and amazing thing. Without love,life will just like always in the darkness.
Love is also a powerful thing. With the power of love,nothing is impossible in this world.
Love is always to be said blind. The reason is when you a love person,you won't ever care what will happen to him/her. For instance,he/she cripple,he/she ugly or handsome/ugly or pretty,he/she in distance,he/she poor or rich and etc. If you do really love him/her,everything will always be covered by love. Don't ever try to hesitate. Things will always be ok with the power of love though sometimes there is problems.
And yet,it is worth though sometimes you have to pay for love.
Love can always bring happiness to you.
Use your heart,to feel the love that you have.
Sometimes thing is fate,but we always can change the future as things always in our hand. So to love. Just grab it tight when you found your love happiness. Don't hesitate your love towards a person. It will irritate you more and make thing worse.




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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

12 GOOD reasons why BEER is worse than women

1. You can enjoy BEER all month long,because you will waste your money all month long.
2. BEER is never late,because it is too early to destroy your health.
3. BEER is always wet,and yet,it is bitter.
4. A frigid BEER is a good BEER,because it makes you dizzy.
5. If you poor a right BEER,you'll always get good head,because you think it is cool and fun.
6. A BEER doesn't get jealous,when you grab another BEER,because BEER has no feelings.
7. A BEER always goes down easy,because BEER is worse than any drinks.
8. You can have more than one BEER in a night without feeling guilty,because it makes you addicted.
9. You can share a BEER with your friends,because BEER has no shameness.
10.A BEER won't get upset if you bring another BEER home,because you no need responsible for it.
11.When you go to a bar,you can always pickup a BEER randomly,because all the BEER are the same.
12.A BEER never has a headache.

12 GOOD reasons why BEER is better than women

1. You can enjoy BEER all month long.
2. BEER is never late.
3. BEER is always wet.
4. A frigid BEER is a good BEER.
5. If you poor a right BEER,you'll always get good head.
6. A BEER doesn't get jealous,when you grab another BEER.
7. A BEER always goes down easy.
8. You can have more than one BEER in a night without feeling guilty.
9. You can share a BEER with your friends.
10.A BEER won't get upset if you bring another BEER home.
11.When you go to a bar,you can always pickup a BEER randomly.
12.A BEER never has a headache.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


走不完的长巷 原来也就那么长
跑不完的操场 原来小成这样
时间的手 翻云覆雨了什么
从我手中 夺走了什么
闭上眼看 十六岁的夕阳 美得像我们一样
边走边唱 天真浪漫勇敢 以为能走到远方
我们曾相爱 想到就心酸
人潮拍打上岸 一波波欢快的浪
校门口老地方 我是等候堤防
牵你的手 人群里慢慢走
我们手中 藏有全宇宙
闭上眼看 最后那颗夕阳 美得像一个遗憾


Forever Love

爱你 不是因为你的美而已
我越来越爱你 每个眼神触动我的心
因为你让我看见forever 才了解自己
未来这些日子 要好好珍惜

爱我 有些痛苦有些不公平
如果真的爱我 不是理所当然的决定
感到你的呼吸在我耳边 像微风深情
温柔的安抚 我的不安定
所以我要 每年研究你的笑容

Forever love Forever love
从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由

爱情 是场最美最远的旅行
沿途遇经泥泞 偶尔阻碍我们的前进
感到你的体温在我怀里 像阳光和煦
巧妙的熔化 我的不安定
不可思议 证明我爱你的理由
喔~~ 多么自然

Forever love Forever love
从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由

你感动的眼睛 我沉默的声音 仿佛就是最好的证明
就让我再说一次 I love you 直到永远

Oh Forever love Forever love
从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由
Forever love
Forever love
Forever love...

这首王力宏的《Forever Love》是我们的主题曲,也是我们之间的约定、承诺和心声。


关于我 关于我


我的快乐 我的忧伤


关于我 关于我

我的来头 我的去处