Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye bye 2010,Hi hi 2011

Few hours ago just entered 2011. Yeah! Should be happy. Last night was the first time I celebrated New Year Eve in FCC. was a fruitful and meaningful night. We celebrated through prayer meeting. During the prayer meeting,when we prayed,a lot of things started to flashback in my mind again. Throughout the whole year,I really been through a lot of things that I never expected or things that i wished not happen. End up,it still. Some sort of misery coming back. Well,yes,most of the things I been through were quite sad,unfortunate and sad. I lost a lot of things...... But I admitted that 2010 was a fruitful and interesting year. Why? God entered my life and I felt His presence. Before I came here to study,I know a bit about God and my faith in God was not that strong. And also a lot of things that I couldn't overcome. After I came here,I started to go FCC. I learned a lot of things basically and I came to know God more. The faith kept growing. And a lot of things which i couldn't overcome,finally now I can overcome. Happy that I could see God really changing my life. I once lost,as mentioned,but I was found,and God restored me for the things I lost. God loves me so much. And I just want to give thanks. It is hard to describe in words. Thank you Father God for the wonderful 2010,thank you Father God that You let so many things happened in previous year so that I learn and grow from it,thank you Father God that take away and restore me for what I lost,thank you Father God that You blessed me and gave me a wonderful relationship,etc. So many things to give thanks. Father God,pray that may Your presence always be with me.
New year,new day,new life,new plan,new aim,new phone,new age,new...etc.
During prayer meeting,I had set a wishlist or aims for 2011. Hopefully I can make it.
1.I can make it and succeed in my study
2.Have a fruitful and happy relationship and continue to grow in it
3.I can plan and manage things well
4.Plan for future(relationship)
5.Serve God more(that's one of the way to give thanks to God)
6.Forgive those who I haven't forgive(hope this can overcome it as soon as possible)
Happy New Year everyone. Enjoy the new year and the new life. And also continue to glorify His name. =)