Sunday, June 19, 2011

June June June...... Tsk tsk tsk......

Time flies. Out of sudden,it is already middle of the month,also middle of the year.
Previously really busy with assignments and study. All I can say June is really a pack month.
Half way doing revision,feel like blogging. Hmm....
Since the last updates i made till now,there is a lot of things happened.
Hardly say it all here,maybe just few will do.
Why not talk about last last week?? That was a busy week. The whole week was sleepless week. All i did was just do my assignments until 5 in the morning and woke up around 8-10am and started to do my assignments again. Well,I did made it on time. Thanks God.
Darling also came back on that week as he went to KK for recording and DEYC. Everything gone well. Then the following weekend. It was a fantastic, exciting and a weekend which fulled of joy and happiness. Guess what?? On Saturday itself,11th June, my cousin getting married, and also friends of ours in our church getting married as well,on the same day. Congratulations to both pairs of married couples.
Really enjoy the day itself,and was wondering,when will it be my turn??? Guess it would long way to go.
Then 12th June,ya,it was my darling's birthday. Since a month ago,i actually started to plan for the birthday celebration. That time, i was very excited to do so. Somehow,things still did not turn it right and most of the things did not go according plans. So end up,i had to switch plan. Well,on that night itself,luckily things went according to new plan.
To be honest,I'm kinda disappointed at first for certain things. Guess it was a good lesson for me as well. But what has done yet done.
After that day,the whole week,was my study week. A week for me to study for my final exam,which i has to face it later afternoon. I felt that I really wasted my whole week,because i really didn't study much due to can't concentrate and too into facebook. This is so called the "power" of Facebook. =='''
Kinda nervous,because I'm totally blank now. And my aim is to pass all the subjects and get min. CGPA=2.00.
Bible always said that if you have faith on God,miracles will happen. Some more,last weekend pastor just preached about Why Worry? Means we should not worry for other things,uphold everything to God. Yes,I understand. But,seriously,I really can't help myself not to worry. Because if i felt,1.i might re-sit the paper which is harder and the marks is given in their own way. 2.I might need to re-take that particular subject in 2nd semester. 3.i might cannot proceed to 2nd semester. 3 possibilities if i did not do well in my final exam. I really wish that later in exam,God will show me the miracles. Lord,please...... I really need Your wisdom and strength. Haiz....
I always wish that time can fly to Friday because that is the day my holiday started and also we are going to Ipoh,again,for my darling's concert. But somehow,i really need time,to study,to suffer basically. Argh......
Something suddenly comes in my mind,i remembered that i heard some heartbroken story. It is really unbelievable. Yet,it reminded me of what had happened to me last year. A lesson which can never forget. I was wondering a lot of things. I'm still learning to forgive. But if let say one day he dares to turn to me and apologize and tell me the truth,i actually can simply forgive him. Because hating or unforgiving someone actually burden you. It is like a dead knot in heart. Just pray God will continue to be with me and those broken heart people.
Lord,I really need you a lot now. Help me~~!