Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Father God sets me free when I am stress.

Just now,I was so stress. Why? When I draw,even traced it,I found out I can't even draw!I did pray to God before I start drawing. Then I start draw,but can't. I started to struggle and stress. I felt like wanna give up in studying this course. I so wanna quit. But I can't do so. Then I find my friend,somehow,it seems like nothing else could help me. I posted a post in my wall. And some of my friends started to comment on it. I find another friend of mine,then we started to our point of view. He then recommended me a friend which I just knew last Saturday. He did give me some advises. In the meanwhile when we did all these,I suddenly cried. I cried not because I'm stress,it is because I felt God is there with me all the time! It is hard to describe in words how are those feelings feel like. Those feelings are too strong which caused me started to cry. Father God,thank you. I must admit that Father God is always beside me and in my heart. My share group leader and other members in FCC ever said that must have faith in God,miracles will happen then. It is true. It is so true. Why I say so? Wherever I go,whatever I doing,God is here with me,24/7. He never leave me for even half of the second! He protects me every time,He blesses my everyday life,He let me learn and grow through all things that happened in my life no matter how bad it is. Father God so loves me. I'm so touch and can't stop crying,seriously. The feelings is so strong. Father God,thank you for Your grace and mercy. Thank you for everything that You granted me. Thank you everything that You gave me. Thank you so much.

PS: Friends of mine,if you always blaming this and that in your life,do you ever think of the reasons why things happen? Seek for God's help,rely Him more and more,and also have faith in Him. Read more bible too,so we know what God wants to tell us. How wonderful and beautiful He is.^^

Thank you,Father,the most wonderful God.^^

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