Monday, April 4, 2011

The month which started in Ipoh

The night of 31st of March,darling brought me and Sam to Ipoh. I admitted that i was very exciting because I finally can visit Ipoh,and of course meet darling's parents and his youngest brother. When we reached there,uncle and aunt brought us to eat dinner. Ipoh food,nice and cheap,really worth it.

Why we go Ipoh? Because my dear has to do opening for Jonathan Tse's I'm Alive concert. So we went. Well,we stayed there for 3 days 3 nights. It was an interesting trip. Why? I got to travel Ipoh,tasted Ipoh's food,met darling's family and friends,visited his ex-school.

Ipoh is the place where my darling born and grew up. I am happy that i get to come and know and feel the place where he is from,it is a memorable place for him. And i can felt that how much he miss his hometown when he at in other place living and working. Other than that,i can felt that his family is quite nice and happy. Though i just stayed there for few days,i have to admit that after i came back yesterday,i really started to miss there. The life there is as simple as my hometown. The benefit of town. Really enjoyed myself there.

Saturday was the concert. Got to help out to sell Jonathan's and Tim's cds. During the concert,though was the same testimonies that Jon shared like last time when he was in our church for his concert too,i felt that God is calling me back. Oh Lord,thank you for this wonderful trip.

Yesterday got back PJ safely. Well,i really miss Ipoh. But things started to come back again. Sometimes i do question myself,how good am I. I'm not that good actually. Can't help out a lot,still like a 3-year-old child. What else i can do? Just hoping everything going fine,especially my darling. Haiz.... Really have to pray gao gao,put more faith and be cheerful. ><

Anyway,April is really not a fool,God did bless me a lot. Thank you God for starting my April nice. =)

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