Sunday, March 28, 2010


Love is such a wonderful and amazing thing. Without love,life will just like always in the darkness.
Love is also a powerful thing. With the power of love,nothing is impossible in this world.
Love is always to be said blind. The reason is when you a love person,you won't ever care what will happen to him/her. For instance,he/she cripple,he/she ugly or handsome/ugly or pretty,he/she in distance,he/she poor or rich and etc. If you do really love him/her,everything will always be covered by love. Don't ever try to hesitate. Things will always be ok with the power of love though sometimes there is problems.
And yet,it is worth though sometimes you have to pay for love.
Love can always bring happiness to you.
Use your heart,to feel the love that you have.
Sometimes thing is fate,but we always can change the future as things always in our hand. So to love. Just grab it tight when you found your love happiness. Don't hesitate your love towards a person. It will irritate you more and make thing worse.

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